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Proudly Introducing Guimbal To Canada

The world’s most advanced 2 seat piston engine helicopter.

Cutting edge technology provides safety levels previously only available on large helicopters or military types.

Combines the best of new and proven technology

The Reliable Lycoming engine is fitted with a smart digital governor that gives it turbine-like behaviors, and a state of the art electronic ignition requiring no maintenance.

Energy Absorbing Seats and fuel cell

The Cabri G2 is designed with occupant protection as the priority. It is the only piston helicopter certified to EASA CS27-and FAR 27 regulations, ensuring high impact energy absorption. Energy absorbing seats and fuel system to protect you and your passengers in impacts up to 2000 ft/min.

Fenestron shrouded tail rotor

The shrouded rotor provides excellent maneuverability and safety for people on the ground. Crosswind and flare become a no-brainer. With the main rotors outstanding maneuverability and the fenestron shroud it offers greatly enhanced safety.

Rotary Surveillance

Cabri G2

Key Features

  • Three-bladed main rotor with composite blades
  • Shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor
  • Full composite structure
  • Reliable powerplant
  • Crash resistant fuel cell
  • Energy absorbing crash resistant seats 

Alpha 2

Key features

  • Main structure constructed entirely of carbon fiber composite, corrosion and fatigue-free
  • Main rotor head fully articulated on elastomerics bearings
  • Fenestron® tail rotor, maintenance-free, with high damage tolerance
  • Advanced electronics, protected against electro-magnetic interference
  • Electrical wiring harness compliant with the latest standards: Kapton® insulation, waterproof connectors, lightning protection.
LiDAR and 3D Imaging

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